6 Reasons Why Businesses Upgrade to The MYOB Greentree Program

MYOB Greentree program

Why do commercial organisations see the MYOB Greentree program as a viable upgrade to make? With finances perhaps tight and concerns existing around changing the status quo, there might be some hesitancy involved. This is a chance to take note of the 6 major advantages for investing in this software model and why it delivers better outcomes. 

1) Multiple Deployment Options 

Businesses will be pleased to know that there are different deployment options in play when it comes to the MYOB Greentree program. Rather than opting for an inflexible model that can only be catered to one format and one mode of business, this is a tool that can be applied to a terminal service, cloud-based systems or simply on-premise. The decision will be down to the client and what they deem is more viable for their short and long-term commercial objectives. 

2) 80+ Modules Included

If there is one key reason why commercial clients will look to upgrade their operating system through the MYOB Greentree program, it will be the inclusion of over 80 individual modules. This is beneficial for outlets that want to customise their framework and ensure that every member of staff across each department can take advantage of tools that are often afforded to their competitors. From supply chain and payroll to manufacturing, business intelligence, customer service and accounting, this is a one-stop-shop that covers every scenario and every commercial demand. 

3) Alerts & Notifications 

Commercial organisations who are considering the use of the Greentree format will appreciate that many of their workplace duties and responsibilities are time sensitive. In this context, it is important to receive alerts and notifications in real time, bypassing a lot of the logistical delays that other participants encounter. If professionals are aware about these requirements in due course, that will only improve efficiency, reduce cases of human error and improve operational standards as a matter of protocol. 

4) Leaning on Customer Service Assistance

A big step forward in the right direction will occur when constituents decide that the MYOB Greentree program is right for them because they are able to take advantage of the brand’s resources and expertise. There will be representatives on hand around the clock who can offer insights, run tutorials and oversee any complications that are being experienced. Not every operation is able to take advantage of a software provider who offers this degree of assurance. 

5) Multi-Device Integration 

Each business is unique when considering the location and involvement of every staff member. Many are situated on site at their office or in the warehouse. Yet there are others who are positioned interstate or overseas overseeing important business duties. The use of the MYOB Greentree program will be beneficial in this context because it delivers multi-device integration, leveraging a cloud-based computing model where users with phones, desktops, laptops and tablets can utilise its functionality on the dashboard. 

6) Compliant With Updated Australian Business Regulations 

The good news for domestic outlets who are tapping into the MYOB Greentree program is that the platform is geared for domestic participants based in Australia and New Zealand. Instead of worrying about US or UK protocols, this is a model that applies the current regulations and standards as stipulated by the government. This is peace of mind for owners and managers that have to ensure their brand is compliant with those measures rather than hoping for positive outcomes. 

The push behind the MYOB Greentree program upgrade is understood once participants take these benefits onboard. It is beneficial to see the software package in action first, connecting with suppliers to see how it works in real time. Once the right amount of research has been carried out, it is worth the time to make the investment for the benefit of the brand.