How To Prepare For A Family African Safari

giraffe on the wild

A trip on a family African safari can be one of the most memorable and exciting things your little tribe does together. It could be the key memorable holiday you all did before the kids grow up and go their own way.

Naturally, taking children on this kind of trip is going to require you to do a little more prep than if you were just going with a group of adult friends or your husband/wife/partner. Since there are wild animals, exotic diseases, and other dangers in the rugged landscape, kids need a little more attention on them to ensure they have a safe and fun time.

Let’s take a look at some tips you can use to help prepare for a family African safari.


Prepare for higher costs

Often holidays with children are more expensive than those for adults who don’t need as many comforts to cope as a little kid. This is even more true when it comes to a family African safari for several reasons.

The most prominent reasons that a trip with kids is going to cost more is because of the added liability they bring. Unlike a group of accountable adults, children bring an element of unpredictability that will at best annoy other tourists and, at worst, will endanger a tour group by provoking a wild animal in some way.

While the chances of your son or daughter taunting a lion and causing an incident are highly unlikely considering how many precautions are in place, it is still a risk that is accounted for in the final price you end up paying. Basically, the risk to a touring company is greater when they allow families to come along, which means they want more reward for it.


Give the kids some input

Kids never have fun on a holiday when they feel they are being dragged around and forced to experience things by their parents. When you plan your family African safari, make sure you do it with the children present so they can at least have the illusion of choice and know what to look forward to.

Children are fickle with their interests, and it doesn’t always make sense why they suddenly tolerate something they hated a week ago. Try to get your kids comfortable and familiar with as many aspects of the trip as you can before you throw them in the deep end.


Choose the right time to go

Because the region changes with the seasons, you should plan your family African safari to occur during the season you want to be there. The best time to go to see animals is between May and October when the weather is dryer and there is less vegetation to obscure the critters. However, the wet season can be really fun as it is full of activity and migrating herds of animals seeking new water sources.


Keep the kids busy

On your family African safari, children may become bored easily when you are driving for several hours to a location. Make sure you bring snacks and binoculars for them to keep themselves busy in the back seat, so you don’t need to hear the “are we there yet” constantly.

Hopefully the above information is going to be helpful for you when planning a family African safari to enjoy.